...remember when the sun was drawn on top of all of your pictures in yellow crayon with a great big smile on its face?

I know, that was a long time ago— before we lived long enough to realize just how serious this life can be.

We were the offspring of the “G I Generation” — "The Greatest Generation" as Tom Brokaw named it—the prolific generation filled with hope, having survived the great depression and the horrors of World War II. Raised in the “Great Do It Yourself Era" following the war, we were instilled with the belief that we could do anything we set our minds to. Our futures were bright; Dick and Jane taught us to read, Robert Young showed us that “Father Knows Best” and Ed Sullivan demonstrated how to change the course of a youth culture on a Sunday evening in February.

But that was not the first time our lives were changed in the theater of our living rooms. Though many of us heard the news broadcast over a fuzzy PA system in our classrooms, we filed home frantically that November afternoon to witness those black and white images of our President John F. Kennedy being gunned down in a motorcade in Dallas.

That was before many thousands of young men-fellow baby boomers— lost their lives in Viet Nam.
And before the most life altering events of September 11th, 2001, when we once again stood stunned at what we witnessed unfolding in our living rooms—realizing our world would never be quite the same.

The list goes on...adding our own personal list of successes, disappointments—personal tragedies. All the things that make life what it is.

But every generation has its pleasant memories, those things that make us smile and sometime wish to go back there...just for a little while. Well let’s just do that...

...just for a little while.

Music courtesy of The Kingston Trio-Try to Remember

(© 2007-all rights reserved)

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